Introduction: In the Bible those who do not understand what is God’s will for them are called fools according to Eph. 5:17. As believers it is our highest privilege to know the will of God and do it, and if anyone questions us as to this we can say that our chief desire and right is to find God’s will and do it. Our enjoyment depends upon it, also our usefulness and our service to God.
Incidence of Brother Bakht Singh :-In the beginning of Brother Bakht Singh Christian life he did not know what it was to find God’s will and to do it. It took me two years to learn that lesson. Even though Brother Bakht Singh was reading the Bible every day and attending meetings he used to say casually, “Lord, let Thy will be done”. One morning in Canada, somebody called him on the phone and asked if I could speak at a certain meeting. I asked him to wait for a few minutes, and looked into my diary to see if I was free and then told him that I could go for the meeting. A friend in my room overheard me and said “Don’t you pray and decide before accepting an invitation to go anywhere?” I said, “I need not pray, I am not going on my personal work for my own benefit. I am going on God’s work only”. I was offended with my friend for asking me that question, and did not even wish him good morning for two weeks.
Afterwards I came to my senses and started thinking, “Do I know how to find God’s will?
Perhaps, after all I do not.” Thus I was put to shame. So I said to myself, “I will not go anywhere till I learn how to find God’s will”. For two weeks I went to the seaside and prayed, “Lord teach me how to find Thy will.” Now Brother Bakht Singh want to share with you what the Lord has taught him.

How to find GOD’S WILL: Keep three things in your mind.
  1. The sevenfold importance of knowing God’s will;
  2. The sevenfold conditions for finding God’s will;
  3. The sevenfold evidences of having found God’s will.
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