Pastor Mathew Samuel one of the blessed and spirit led evangelist from south India, on his visit to Bombay happened to be at Brother John Matthew’s house. He explained the message of grace that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. As a result, the first fruit of Dhokali church, Sister Lissy John came on to salvation. On those days there was no fellowship at Dhokali for worshipping in truth and spirit. Sister Lissy John used to attend the worship at Ghatkopar. When Pastor Lalu Thomas took on charge of Ghatkopar church on August 1991, the first prayer meeting was conducted at Sister Lissy John’s house at Dhokali. Holy Spirit led Mr. John Matthew (Sister Lissy John’s husband) to be saved and later both of them took baptism under Pastor Alexander Daniel.

With a sole intention to plant a church at Dhokali, Pastor Thampi initiated on 5th Jan 1992 for first Sunday worship, started at Dhokali with five members at Brother John Mathew’s residence. Church developed and by the grace of God nine members joined the small gathering and were baptised. Pastor Johnson (Nov 1992-April 1993), Pastor Seelas (May 1993-May 1994) and Pastor Raju Samuel (May 1994-Sept 1998) had lead this church according to God’s plan on different periods.

Pastor E.M Mathew ( late Pastor Thankachan) lead the congregation fom 1998 to November 2001. The fellowship was continually praying for a church hall for glorifying Him. During crucial moment and the desire of the members, by faith and prayer church had purchased a land at Manorama Nagar by giving a token of rupees of one thousand. God blessed the desire and the church was built within 45 days. Many obstructions came even from Municipality who tried to demolish the building. God has spoken to Mr. Devram Bhoir, then Balkum corporator of Thane Municipality and he intervened the scene and helped the building from demolition. Later, the church had p urchased parsonage also.

Pastor Santosh Joseph later took over from Nov 2001 to April 2005 and lead the Church in true spirit and faith. Time to time God sent His servants to lead this church in spirit and true Word of God. Pastor M.C.Thomas (April 2005 to May 2006), Pastor Sam K. Mathew(May 2006 to May 2008), and Pastor P.V.John(May 2008 to May 2010) had lead this church according to His will. Pastor Reji Sebastian has taken over this church since May 2010 and he is guiding the believers for welcoming the Jesus Christ’s second coming.