Bro. Bhaskar Acharya's Family Testimony

FamilySnap I, Bhaskar Acharya, born and brought up in a catholic family in Ahmedabad. My father after completing his ITI got a job in Bombay. He with a Gujarati entrepreneur, moved to Ahmedabad to setup a Graphic Studio and Offset Press. Gradually it developed into a big business empire. As rightly said, with more money comes more fame, name and as well good and bad circle, pride and addictions. He got addicted to liquor. This was the time, when my father started going through much trials and temptations. Within no time he lost his entire business and came to nothing. The situation grew so bad, that our family was challenged for daily food. This sudden shock of losing everything was so severe to him that he could not come out of it for a long time.
At this time, a Pastor called Cyril Bhaskar, from Tamil Nadu, was on his way to evangelism, looking at Mother Mary's photo in our house, he stopped at our home and started speaking to my Dad from the word of God. Even thought we had Bible at our home, it was after his visit we started reading bible in true scene. We with entire family dad, mom and we five brothers accepted Jesus as our personal saviour and got baptised by Pr. Stephen Wilson of Cornerstone Church on 19-May-1991. We could see the God’s hand over our family as our family gradually started getting economic stability. My dad was technically very sharp at printing. When we were gradually growing in spirit, my dad was kidnapped by a gang and was taken into a solitary place. There was no information of his whereabouts. Entire church and all extended churches joined together for him. We as family knelt down in prayers for hours. After three days, by God’s grace he had a very meek escape. He had cuts on many parts of his body. On detail enquire, came to knew that he was tormented and forced to print currency notes. The person, who kidnapped dad, is named Fernandez. My dad refused to log police complain, as some time back Mr. Fernandez happened to be very good friend of my dad. Dad prayed for him, and then forgot. After several years, dad visit Mt. Abu for a family alliance. There he was introduced to him (kidnapper) as Pastor Fernandez, a minister-in-charge of a mega church in Abu. After detail discussion came to know that after Dad’s incident, Spirit of God convicted him, went through many trials, finally he accepted Christ.
With no stable job to my dad, God enabled we all 5 (five) brothers to complete our education. All of them today are working in reputed organizations, have got married and have kids. Lord enabled my dad to see the kid of his last son before he rested in peace.
I moved to Mumbai, because of a new job, and was a member of IPC Bombay church at Chembur for 6 years. I came to IPC Gerizim church in 2009, and worship the living God with my wife and two kids in this church since then. I give all glory and honour to the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ for making me a part of this church.

- Bhaskar Acharya