Bro. K.I. Philip's Family Testimony

FamilySnap Praise The Lord. My name is KI Philip born and brought up in a Knanaya Jacobite(Orthodox) family. Since childhood I had been taught according to my traditional beliefs and brought up in God’s fear. After schooling from Kattode(Thiruvalla) and Vechuchira(Ranni), I went to Trivandrum for job. While working in Trivandrum, on 04 Sep 1978 I got married to Mariamma according to Jacobite tradition. Though I was an Orthodox, I was happy to listen to Pentecostal messages and to attend their meetings.
I was staying at Kazhakootam in a rented house and there was an Assemblies of God Church hall at Kazhakootam junction. One day while returning from my office there was a special convention meeting going on and a Tamil pastor was giving spiritual message; somebody else was translating it to Malayalam. While passing by, the message came to me and I listened to it for a while. I was little worried about being late as my wife was alone at home and there was no neighbors nearby. Any way I could not leave there because the speaker’s testimony was so touching. He was a black magician practicing evil tricks before accepting Jesus Christ. When I reached home late I saw my wife was sitting frightened. That pastor’s testimony was so touching to me and the words were echoing in my ears. Life was going just like that and we had two sons; elder on 20 Nov 1979 and younger on 22 Mar 1981.
As my wife got job as a Lab Technician in a hospital run by Lion’s Club at Sion, we came to Bombay on 25 Dec 1983. I too got a job in Bombay. My wife’s sister was staying at Dharavi with family and we too joined with them. There was a Bible convention at the Post Office ground at Antop Hill in 1984 and Sister Mary Kovoor was invited for delivering messages. On second and third day I went along with my wife’s sister’s family to attend that convention. I used to sit at the front as I wanted to listen to the messages carefully. On that day Sister Mary Kovoor had given few prophetical messages pointing to me but I did not move. Next day also we went but my wife didn’t come as she did never like Pentecostals. On that day also Sister Mary Kovoor told few things in Spirit pointing to me which was completely true in my life. My father in law told me that Sister Mary Kovoor was telling that prophecies to me. On that night I could not sleep. Suddenly I heard a voice within my heart “Son, I wished to keep you with me; but you were not ready”. This sound was pinching me while travelling, working and at all time.
After few days, on 30 Sep 1984, while I was preparing to go to office, my wife’s sister’s family was getting ready for worship service at Pastor V Mathew’s church at Matunga, I too had an inspiration to attend worship and told the same to my wife. Though my wife stood against me, I went along with them. Holy Spirit was confronting me. During testimony time, with a sudden inspiration deep within my heart, I too stood up and testified Jesus though I did not know what to tell. Purely by the grace of God, on the same day I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and later on 04 Nov 1984 by the command of Jesus I took baptism. I had to go through lot many trials and problems but our savior who never forsake those who call unto him rescued me from all these.
Jesus spoke to my wife through Sister Sosakutty Mathai(who is a relative of Sister Mary Kovoor)on 09 Dec 1984 and with tearful eyes she testified Jesus. On 23 Dec 1984 she took baptism. On 26 Aug 1988 I was anointed with Holy Spirit and on 27 Aug 1988 my wife too. Later we shifted to Dombivili and on 16 Aug 1991 I went to Kuwait as I got a job there. In 1997 my wife became ill and came to know that it was deadly Hepatitis C which affects the functioning of the liver. Doctors told a life span of not more than 03 years. I came back from Kuwait and decided to be in fasting and prayers without medicines. I met God’s servant Pastor AD Samuel(now he is with Jesus) who was there at Ulhas Nagar and he agreed to come for prayers. There we had three days of fasting and again went for check up. By His mercy and divine grace everything was normal. Doctors told that it was really a miracle. Our Jesus made possible which was impossible to human beings. Like Hezekiah who got 15 years of extension of life, my wife after 15 years is still working in the same hospital. Now we are staying at Vijay Nagari, Thane and we, along with our younger son and family are worshiping at IPC Gerizim. My elder son is also worshiping Jesus in truth and Spirit in another fellowship.
I submit myself and my family unto Jesus who led us miraculously throughout our life and one thing I wanted to tell all those who read this testimony from my experience that your problems may look like mountains. The problems which are impossible to men are possible through Him. Therefore this God will lead us till end. I wish and pray that let this testimony be a blessing to all. Amen.

- K.I.Philip