Bro. (Raju) K. S. Varghese's Family Testimony

FamilySnap I, Mr. K.S. Varghese was born in Mylapra, Pathanamthitta district of Kerala in a Catholic background but in spite of that my almighty lord had an eye on me. I got married with Sakhi in the year 1984 and was blessed with two sons with Sajith as my eldest and Ajith as my youngest son.
I accepted God as my personal savior in the year 1990 and got baptized in the same year itself. My wife and both my sons are spiritually engulfed by the power of the Holy Spirit but I was still left without the power of the Holy Spirit until the year 2011 whrein during a fasting prayer session my Lord touched me and granted me the holy spirit. But before these years of spiritual happiness came, there was a period when I was devastated. In the year 2008, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a period of turmoil and complete loneliness. As the word of the lord says, “He is My refuge, My Glory, My Strength, My shield and also “It’s better to trust in the Lord than in thousands of men”, I and my family completely entrusted ourselves in our lord’s hands. After a certain period of time with continuous fastings and prayers, my almighty lord performed a big miracle in our lives. The Evil of Sickness was completely taken out from my family and my wife got completely healed without even a trace of the cancer cells. As the word of the lord says in Psalms 16:8 “ I will always keep the lord before me with him at my right hand I will never fail”. I haven’t failed in my life and I will never fail in my life with my Lord at my right side. The story of my life reflects the life of Job where he was tested till the end and was put in a situation where he had lots of obstacles in his lives and whatever blessings he had in his life was taken but still Job didn’t lose faith in his lord. On seeing that our Lord blessed him times more than what he had. Similar is my life, My faith in my lord didn’t go even when I faced the difficult situation in my life. My Lord didn’t desert me but gave me blessings which I don’t even deserve. I thank and praise my God for all the blessings in my life.
Since that day onwards, my Almighty lord has been guiding and leading me and my family exceedingly well.

- K.S. Varghese