Bro. P.K. Kutty & Family Testimony

The year 1984 is very significant year in our life, because it was in 1984 we as a family accepted our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. After knowing the Lord and reading through the word we understood that God had been dealing with us (or I should say his eyes were on us) from our early childhood. I will come to details later on. It was in 1975 I along with my family shifted to Mulund, as I had got the possession of my flat in Nahur. Soon after that my youngest daughter was born. I was working in GKW (Guest Keen Williams Ltd, Bhandup). Life was going on smoothly when all of a sudden I got a call from a similar company in Delhi, Faridabad promising better prospects. I decided to move on there and thought will take my family later on with me but after seeing the conditions there I did’nt think it wise to take my family along with me as children’s had already started schooling here and we had our own accommodation here. Moving to a new place with extreme climatic conditions wouldn’t suit them, I felt. Years passed by and I used to join my family every year one or two months on vacation. My colleague who was a Roman Catholic believer accepted the Lord and became a true believer. He gave me a Bible which I used to read occasionally. Meanwhile his wife had vision from the Lord that she should visit my family in Mulund and share the gospel with them. Though she hesitated in the beginning, one day visited my family and invited them for a prayer meeting. My mother-in-law also was staying with them at that time. They went for the prayer meeting the next day which was at Kanjur Marg in the house of a believer brother. God touched their hearts and they without my consent started reading Bible stopped all our Hindu rituals and poojas. The photos and idols were removed from our residence. All this happened in my absence. I however without knowing anything about the new change in the life of my wife, mother-in-law and two eldest daughters reached home for my regular vacation in the month of June as usual. But to my surprise, things had changed in my house. When enquired my wife shared her experience with me, she said – We have been worshipping idols for all these years and they have given us nothing, not even peace of mind, hence we have stopped worshipping them as we have come to know the true living God. I was angry with them and did not agree with their view point. For few days there was no communication between us. My wife and children used to sit for morning and evening prayer, sing songs and read the Bible, but I used to stay away from all these but God in his mercy touched me, He spoke to in a unique way and showed me that there is no peace or freedom from the evil one (devil) elsewhere except in him. It happened thus. One night I had a dream. In the dream I saw that I along with my youngest daughter is going to our family farm house , in our native village , Kottai in Palghat suddenly I was gripped by an evil power that I couldn’t breath or move even a step further, all at once I started calling out Halleluya….. Halleluya…. a star from up came upon me and the evil grip suddenly let me off and I felt relieved and free and sudden peace filled my heart. I understood that it was a dream. In the morning when I opened my eyes I was in my house. Later in the day I shared my dream with my wife. She too rejoiced with me and told me that the Lord has touched me. I did not know how the word Halleluya came to my mouth that time. But after that I too joined my family in daily prayers and Sunday worship meetings. “Praise the Lord” God called me into fellowship with his son Jesus Christ our Lord. As Paul says in Galatians, I did not consult my relatives, parents or brothers, sisters and decided to follow Christ come what may. It was a wonderful, peaceful and happy experience worshipping and following the Lord as a family together. But trials, problems and temptations came along in the following years. It was by the grace of God alone we as a family could withstand those trying times. After my vacation in June I went back to my work place. In September the same year, we decided to obey the Lord by taking water Baptism. I got baptized in Faridabad on Sept. 16, 1984 and my wife, two elder daughters and mother-in-law here in Mumbai on that same day. Our relatives and family members stopped visiting us or having any communication with my family. Even our neighbours started troubling my family in one way or the other just because they were now true believers. When I used to come on my annual leave, society members used to complain that there are too many people coming to your flat, too much noise during cottage meeting etc. But the Lord worked in their hearts and slowly their complaints receded. In the meanwhile Lord also took away one member who was a staunch opposer to us. He was a Roman Catholic and the Chairperson of our society. Through this incident other members also learnt a lesson and their attitude towards us changed slowly over a period of years. After my Baptism the Lord spoke to me and told me that He had chosen me when I was a young boy of 9 years and from then on he was leading me and at his appointed time he lead me in to the true faith. I was wondering when he had seen me and what had happened when I was a boy of 9 years. That night a special incident came to my memory – I along with my parents and younger sisters had been to a Hindu temple for the naming ceremony of my younger sibling. While we had to stay overnight there, during the evening I had gone to a nearby shop to buy some snacks and lost my way. A man came and took hold of my hand and spoke to me in Tamil (Local) language telling me “Don’t cry my child; I will take you to your Father”. Finally I remembered how I was reunited with my father who had been searching for me along with my other relatives. That night the Lord made me understand that it was He who held my hand and at the appointed time took me into his father’s fold. I praised the Lord for his mercies and wonderful ways. Christian life has been an adventurous journey and during the following years Lord taught us many valuable lessons – to be patient and self-controlled and forgiving. Though our relatives and friends forsook us The Lord never forsook and gave us many true believer friends and well-wishers who encouraged us and strengthened our faith in the Lord. I was staying with a believer brother Thomas and family in Faridabad and had a wonderful time of fellowship with the assembly members of Faridabad church. After working 25 years in Faridabad I took retirement and came back to Mumbai in 2004 . When I look back, it was as per God’s plan that I was there for so many years and away from my family. (“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” ROM 8:28) I have three daughters and now all of them are married and settled. The eldest daughter in Thane, second one in Jaipur and the youngest in Bangalore. T he Lord blessed me with four grandchildren. In the year 2007 we shifted from Mulund to Thane, where our eldest daughter is residing in the same complex. We can only thank God for his wonderful ways he has been leading and guiding us. Our earnest request to those who read our testimony is that – please continue to uphold us as a family in your prayers. So that whatever days are allotted to us by the Lord on this earth, we may be a faithful witness unto him and His mighty name may be glorified through our lives always. “Praise be to the Lord” Amen…

- Bro. P. K. Kutty