Bro. Paul Joseph's Family Testimony

FamilySnap We came to know about leaving God because of my dad, the reason behind that my dad was drinker (alcoholic), and there was no peace at home and there were many problems along at home, that time one of my mom's friend told us about JESUS and we started going to church and my mom got baptised on 8 Jan 1998 and Lord started giving answers to our question, after that 31 Dec 2008 I got baptised in Jesus name, We were praying for last 15 years for my dad, and Lord God answered our prayer, my dad is going to baptise on 29 Dec 2012 in Jesus name. Just I want to thank my God, and proclaim that God always answer our question, might be Lord may answer you late but Lord will answer our question if we believe in JESUS. I close my testimony here. May God bless of us till the next coming of Jesus.

- Sam Paul